Virtual Examples

Virtual LED advertising is the latest revolution to hit stadium and on screen sports advertising.  Put simply, Virtual Replacement Technology lets brands target perimeter board advertising at different audiences by creating multiple digitally overlaid ‘feeds’ for different audiences.  This is done using combination of next gen LED technology, specialised optics and advanced software integrated into the processes and workflows of the venue and broadcast production.  The virtual, or ‘augmented’ reality, perimeter advertising content is seamlessly overlaid in realtime, allowing brands to deliver personalised messages in local dialect to different audiences, or alternatively to allow for inventory in each territory to be sold to completely different sets of advertisers.


Until recently, virtual technology was only possible by using printed, static boards in the venue.  This still has powerful applications – for example in sports like Ice Hockey which still use printed rinkside advertising to deliver visibility for sponsors.  At 2016’s World Cup of Hockey, virtual replacement specialists Supponor delivered audience specific branding opportunities for the National Hockey League and its sponsors to markets such as Canada, USA, Russia and Scandinavia.


Supponor and Pitch / Sportseen have a long history of collaboration, having worked together to create incremental value for rights holders and sponsors in LaLiga and for the Brazilian and English national football teams.


Now, thanks to a working partnership between Supponor and LED manufacturer ADI, Virtual Replacement Technology is available and rolling out fast on LED perimeter systems, ensuring that the in-stadium experience remains fully ‘LED’ whilst delivering broadcast quality virtual overlays on different audience targeted feeds worldwide.


The new “Virtual Hybrid” systems are being installed in stadia across Europe delivering greater opportunities to target global fanbases on a local level.

"Currently, we find that the level of targeting required by our customers tends to map on to the key geographic audiences for their sport – where sponsor and advertiser demand is high.  So, for example, when the technology is used in FC Barcelona and Real Madrid games in LaLiga, at least 8 feeds are being produced and routed to the relevant broadcast regions around the world, focusing on regions such as Asia, Latin America, Middle East and North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and even specific territories such as Mexico and Turkey.


Virtual Hybrid also offers completely new opportunities for personalised advertising.  Whilst audiences are primarily segregated by geographical region at present, in the future, we see a world where the targeting of augmented reality digital replacement content in sport is much more personal, employing the kinds of data models and ad-tech technologies that are increasingly common in most other digital content sectors today".

Charlie Marshall

COO, Supponor

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