Perimeter Advertising in its many forms is a proven and effective way for brands to communicate directly with a captive audience, in any country speaking any language at major sports events.

The traditional form of ‘static’ advertising boards placed along the perimeter of the touchline, goaline, boundary or track, is a simple form of branding using 6 metre panel through strategic placement. This format works most effectively on a multi-board basis where brands place 2 or 4 board combinations in order to maximise their exposure.

Static advertising is also used to exploit televised events that deliver predominantly highlight TV coverage. In addition statics work exceptionally well on balcony or fascia positions at stadia and provide consistent exposure through the course of a season.

The recent phenomena of LED Advertising Systems have given this form of media a more sophisticated edge. Where available, LED signage offers brands the vehicle to produce creative messages and animations for delivery across the entire perimeter of the playing area. This has proven particularly effective at UK International Rugby Union venues where, as one of the last remaining events delivering LIVE network television, brands have been quick to capitalise.

Proven & effective way for brands to communicate


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