Sportseen's in-house production team have extensive experience in ensuring that clients receive the best possible attention and creative results. LED animation has become the industry standard at many sporting venues where Sportseen hold the exclusive perimeter advertising rights.

The creation and content of your animation is key to gaining maximum exposure and with that in mind we have provided some example artwork, in the links below, that has been created for our blue chip clients and used at such venues as Twickenham Stadium, Principality Stadium and Wembley.

Design tips and ideas:


  • Keep text big and bold for maximum visibility

  • Try to avoid vertical logos and adjust to fit a horizontal spec

  • Overly detailed and serif fonts can become difficult to read

  • Increasing the kerning of typefaces allows the message to be clearly read

  • Keep to dark backgrounds as light/white can potentially wash out under bright lighting conditions

  • Use strong and bold contrasting colours to increase impact

  • If using images make sure they are of the highest quality (300dpi) and bear in mind detailed imagery can be hard to view

  • Consider the timing, less is more. Long sentences can be difficult to read in short amounts of time

  • For specific stadium specs please email